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Traveling Sisters Review: The Last Child by John Hart

The Last ChildThe Last Child by John Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Traveling Sisters Review by NORMA, BRENDA and JEN!!

HART has a knack to keep you totally engaged with jaw-dropping moments that even surprised Norma’s deductive sleuthing skills.

THE LAST CHILD by JOHN HART is an action-packed, tense, fast-paced, and a suspenseful thriller with lots of surprising twists and turns along the way that kept us all reading and guessing right to the very end.

JOHN HART delivers a character driven story here that is brilliantly and cleverly written in such a skillful way that allows us to really get into our main character’s voices and the storyline, Johnny, a young boy’s desperate search for the truth and Hunt’s relentlessness and personal quest in solving the crime which ends up costing him dearly.

Johnny who’s mature way beyond his 13 years is on a desperate truth seeking personal mission to find his missing twin sister.  He is shrewd, smart, and vulnerable at times.  We loved how resourceful and determined teenage Johnny was in fighting to find out the truth in an adult world.  With some adults caring, controlling and failing him, making him more determined than ever in finding out the truth.

This is a book that we couldn’t stop reading, with a story that was so filled of heart, and with flawed characters who you couldn’t help but to root for. Highly recommended!

Traveling Sister Reads Review:  The Stand by Stephen King 

The StandThe Stand by Stephen King

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Traveling Sister Reads Review by NORMA, BRENDA and KACEEY!!

Let’s take a stand against evil!!

5 epic stars for THE STAND by STEPHEN KING as we all thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience of reading this masterpiece of a novel together.

With not too many of Stephen King’s novels read and not really being all that familiar with his work, when we thought of King we thought of horror, disturbing, and very frightening came to our minds. THE STAND is much more than that and not what we expected at all as we all went into this one pretty much blind. This is a whole different kind of disturbing and an unforgettably frightening story but yet hopeful with such a complex and believable story of human behaviour. It’s clear to us now why this is considered a masterpiece.

How can we not say something about the length of this very long book and what an achievement we all felt after getting through it. Yeah us! We spent two weeks with this complex plot and intense and complicated characters and enjoyed the discussions it created with each other.

STEPHEN KING created a believable world here after a devastating destruction of the human race and it left us wondering how it would play out with our generation of technology. Could we survive or rebuild? Hmm Stephen King maybe you could add another 400 pages.

This is an excellent book to choose for a group read and makes for great discussions. Would recommend!

Traveling Sister Reads Review:  I Liked My Life by Abby Fabiaschi 

I Liked My LifeI Liked My Life by Abby Fabiaschi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Date read:  May 8 – 11, 2017

Traveling Sister Read Review by NORMA, LINDSAY and BRENDA!!

5 glowing stars for I LIKED MY LIFE as we all thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience of reading this wonderful novel – very impressive for a debut novel! It definitely lived up to all the ‘hype’!!!

Here is our very relatable and our “love of books” favourite quote: “Maddy was head down in a book later I learned that was the rule, not the exception — if Maddy wasn’t working she was reading!”

I LIKED MY LIFE by ABBY FABIASCHI is a touching, spectacular, and haunting but yet beautiful and honest portrayal of how one deals with death and loss. Although, the story does revolve around death, it wasn’t a depressing story at all. There is an enjoyable amount of witty humour, warmth, and wisdom that FABIASCHI incorporated into each of the characters’ dialogue and inner thoughts.

Maddy is thoughtful and devoted to her successful husband and wonderful daughter, who liked her life and has us wondering what drove her to her final moments.

Norma’s thoughts: One of the most enjoyable aspects of this storyline for me was that I perceived that Maddy’s character was a loving and nurturing ghost. Her spirit influences the characters in this book with “suggestive thoughts” to help guide her family through the pain and suffering of her death. The supernatural aspect of this novel is well interwoven and received which makes it feel quite natural and real as they struggle to find out the reasoning behind her death.

Brenda & Lindsay’s thoughts: While Brenda & Lindsay perceived Maddy more as an actual character who is not ready to leave her family as she watches over them and coaches them along through their grief. Maddy was the glue to their family and could really see how she was the bridge between Brady and Eve.

ABBY FABIASCHI delivers a unique story here with complex and sometimes unsympathetic characters that is told in alternating points of view of our equally loved three main characters Maddy, Brady, and Eve. We were rooting for a ‘happy ending’ for each of them.

Lindsay, personally felt a strong connection to Maddy especially through her experience of leaving a corporate job to become a stay-at-home mom.

We all absolutely LOVED the simple life lessons of “Maddy’s Truths” which were very relatable and refreshing!

It was a pleasure to have Linda join us in the conversation of this book. We all really enjoyed our conversation and sharing our thoughts on this one and it was interesting to see how we all unraveled the story. Norma right away forming her connections, Brenda not even close to it, Lindsay reading along with no expectations at all, and Linda picking up the theme of the novel early on.

We all highly recommend this incredible and highly enjoyable book and look forward to reading this author’s next novel!

Traveling Sister Read Review:  Every Last One by Anna Quindlen 

Every Last OneEvery Last One by Anna Quindlen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Traveling Sister Read Review by NORMA, LINDSAY and BRENDA!!

4.5 stars rounded up to 5 stars for EVERY LAST ONE as this novel took us all on an extremely emotional roller coaster of a ride!

EVERY LAST ONE by ANNA QUINDLEN is a novel that can be compared to riding a very steep roller coaster. The first half of the book was the slow chug up the hill, anticipation for the thrill to kick in, wondering when that huge ‘drop’ is going to happen. Once you hit the MAJOR ‘drop’ at around the halfway point, you are in for a breathtaking, emotional, and page-turning ride that doesn’t stop until the very last chapter.

EVERY LAST ONE is a highly emotional, spectacular, and beautiful but yet disquieting novel that offers a deep exploration of family relationships and female friendships.

“sometimes I live so much in my mind that I forget what is before my eyes”

When we meet Mary Beth she is living a pretty ordinary, happy, and somewhat perfect life. We get to know her daughter, twin sons and her husband though her perspective as she gives us a good picture of her life. She is involved and connected with her children but yet distracted and unaware at the same time. The things that make us human and sometimes even when we are doing everything right, bad things can still happen.

ANNA QUINDLEN does a great job bringing truth and understanding of human behaviour and emotions to this heartbreaking story that had Lindsay in tears for most of the second half of this novel.

While the first half of this story did drag a little for us as it was all about character development – it builds the backstory and gives the family history needed to fully understand the entire plot. Then the second half hits you with a bang which makes you understand and appreciate the first half so much more. We all felt a satisfying sense of closure at the end of the novel.

We all loved the main character, Mary Beth! Her perspective and narrative was very relatable and powerfully written which made this an extremely enjoyable and incredibly great book for all of us as we had lots to discuss and enjoyed the conversation immensely!

Traveling Sister Reads Review: 11/22/63 by Stephen King

11/22/6311/22/63 by Stephen King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Date read:  March 28 to April 6, 2017

Traveling Sister Reads Review by NORMA, LINDSAY and BRENDA!!

3.5 stars rounded up to 4 stars for the book
5+++++++ stars for the reading experience for all of us participating in this ‘Traveling Sister Reads’!! So much fun!!!

Steven King has a lot going on here in 11/22/63 as we have some time-traveling, political history, and also a little bit of romance in this Historical Fiction Thriller novel that had us all engaged, interested, and rooting for a positive outcome but we must admit that we found ourselves a little bored at times.

Although fictional, King skillfully weaves together fact and fiction and he did an incredible amount of research as explained in his Afterword and much of this story is based on fact. We were all a little ashamed to admit that we didn’t know much about the Kennedy Assassination prior to reading this and we all were happy to have learned a lot while reading this story. It sparked an interest for Lindsay that will surely lead her to read other books on this topic.

We found that the action picks up right away as we quickly learn the details of the time traveling aspect of this novel and how most of the time traveling worked. The time traveling was kept fairly simple and understandable. The story takes on a human side of it through the romance and the lives of the characters which takes up a lot of the middle of the book. Showing us a pleasant, ordinary, and somewhat boring life for a bit of the story. We loved the romance that transpired within this story as it was a pleasant distraction from some of the political history, especially the Russian political history, that we all struggled with.

We like how King gave a story to angry, violent, and disturbed Lee Oswald giving us some interesting insight into his and his family’s lives.

The story sagged and really dragged for us at times and we felt that a lot of unnecessary details could’ve been sliced and diced a bit and still tell a strong story. Unfortunately, this did take a bit away from the story and was a bit discouraging. The chapters being broken done in sections did help getting through the length of this weight lifting book.

We thoroughly enjoyed the story being told from the perspective of Jake Epping/George Amberson, who we all absolutely loved as a main character. Jake’s personality and inner thoughts had us all giggling to ourselves at times. Jake was a very anchored character to reality and loved his desire and determination to change the future not only for his world but for all of mankind.

We LOVED good hearted and wounded Jake and Sadie and their tender relationship that had us rooting for them throughout the entire book. We were completely caught off guard that this turned out to be somewhat of a love story – not what we were expecting at all and we absolutely loved that part of the novel.

Toward the end, we all kept looking for a twist that never came and felt that while we enjoyed the story, the book didn’t quite live up to the hype we had expected.


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